One of the largest issues in rural Tanzania is being dependent on rain for crops to grow and for vegetation for livestock to eat. When Tanzanians experience a drought, many families face starvation because farming is their only source of income and food. 

In 2018 AFTN was made aware by local pastors in Tanzania the need to build a vocational center to educate students coming out of high school in a skill or trade. This learned skill would empower them to have a job and to earn an income aside from farming.

AFTN is actively building a facility that will provide the youth of Tanzania an education resulting in confidence, peace and a way to make a living.

The vocational center will teach English and skills such as Construction Trades; i.e. Masonry (block building, beam construction), Plumbing (water/sewer lines, septic), Electrical (residential/commercial wiring), and Computer skills, Sewing, and Transportation. 



Part 1: Foundation - $4,700 COMPLETED

Part 2: Exterior & Interior Walls - $5,500 completed

Part 3: Roof Assembly — $6,500

Part 4: Concrete Floor — $3,000

Part 5: Windows & Doors — $1,500

Part 6: Utility Connections — $1,500

Part 7: Interior Finishes — $1,200

Part 8: Exterior Finishes — $1,200